Coronavirus adding to factors negatively impacting mental health

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — With people losing jobs, stuck at home, and concerned about the coronavirus, there’s a lot for some people to be nervous about.

And in some cases all those factors can combine to trigger a serious panic attack.

They’re a sudden episode of intense fear causing a person to think they are having a heart attack or even dying.

So if you know a friend or loved one has a history of them, or may be headed toward having one, what do you do?

Del Camp with Ozark Center says start talking to them about what they’re feeling and what might help them to relieve some of their concerns.

Del Camp, Chief Clinical Officer, Ozark Center, said, “Some people like to go for a drive, some people, different people have different things that bring them comfort or relieve their level of anxiety, and sometimes people just forget to ask, they know it’s an issue for them, they don’t just take a moment and say, “what could be helpful for you?”

Camp says even certain types of breathing techniques can help prevent an attack or help someone already experiencing one.

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