College seniors entering worst job market in recent memory

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — Just a few months ago college seniors were going into one the best job markets is decades, and historically low unemployment.

Coronaviurs has completely changed that now.

It’s one of the worst in recent memory.

Experts say that means graduating seniors should go into the job search with realistic expectations.

Shakira Rhoads, MSSU Career Services, said, “Your dream job might not exist right now, they may have eliminated it, they may have combined it, they used to have one person doing one job, now one person is doing many jobs, so having realistic expectations, having a diverse skill set, being able to communicate and work with a team as well as have those technical skills for computer and Excel will really make you a more attractive candidate.”

Graduates can expect to go into a job market with an unemployment rate of near 30% by this Summer.

They can expect to make 10% less their first year on the job and up to 10% less their first decade on the job.

The good news is the job market locally is much better than in many other parts of the country.

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