Chatters restaurant to provide 4th of July fireworks display in Pittsburg

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PITTSBURG, Ks. — With Summer quickly approaching, and people getting outside, there’s one celebration Pittsburg residents always look forward to–fourth of July fireworks.

Reagan Treffer, Pittsburg Resident, said, “It’s usually a big community event, a lot of people bring their kids out. It’s a lot of fun.”

But due to budget constraints, the city of Pittsburg announced the celebration won’t happen this year.

Avery Barber, Pittsburg Resident, said, “Well this is my first summer here instead of in my hometown so I was really excited to see it and then whenever I heard that it was cancelled, I was pretty upset.”

Jordi Cordero, Pittsburg Resident, said, “In a small town there isn’t too much going on, so a big fireworks show is kind of something everyone comes out to see.”

So a local business is stepping in.

Joshua Wilde, General Manager, Chatters, said, “Just the decision to do it in lieu of the city not being able to do it was, I mean we were already doing it.

Chatters restaurant has been doing a fireworks display the past few years to provide entertainment for the hospital and senior citizens.

“We decided to do one here and we got a lot of good feedback from it.”

Now they want the entire community to join in on the fun.

It’s just great that we can. We got a good donation from Jake’s fireworks to just really, really up it this year.”

Tara Land, Pittsburg Resident, said, “I’m going. I don’t know about you guys but I’m pretty excited that it’s still going on.”

“Now that I’m hearing about it, I’m definitely, definitely excited,” said Cordero.

Tomi Freders, Pittsburg Resident, said, “And I’m just excited it’s back on.”

The celebration is scheduled for July 3rd at sundown just outside of the restaurant.

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