CDC recommends people clean phones daily

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — Recent studies have shown the coronavirus can live on surfaces for up to nine days.

While we all continue to clean and disinfect items in our lives, you may want to consider adding your phone to that rotation.

The Centers for Disease Control recommend people clean surfaces like your phone or tablet at least once a day.

You can use a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe to disinfect the exterior the screen, buttons, and case.

Cassidee Edwards, Store Manager, U.S. Cellular, said, “I would highly recommend that you clean your device every single day. And quite frankly as often as possible. Also, try not to share your phone with other people. I know we always like to show people memes on social media and hand our phone over to them so try to stay away from activities where you’re using other peoples phones.”

Edwards adds, never use bleach to clean your phone.

And keep cleaning solutions out of any openings on your phone as well.

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