Carthage passes ordinance allowing police to enforce stay at home order

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CARTHAGE, Mo. — Carthage residents could face a fine for gathering in groups of more than 10 people.

The Carthage City Council passed an ordinance giving the police the power to enforce the governor’s stay-at-home order.

If officers receive a complaint, this ordinance allows them to fine people caught having gatherings of more than 10 people.

If people are caught violating the order, they could receive a fine up to $500 and will also face a class a misdemeanor.

Chad Dininger, Carthage Police Department, said, “It’s really important at this point to adhere to the governor’s order and limit the groups of 10 or more. Actually do not have groups of 10 or more and continue the social distancing. We haven’t had a whole lot of problem in Carthage yet and we hope that doesn’t happen in Carthage.”

Dininger says there’s also a website and hotline set up for people to learn more information about the order.

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