Carthage honors seniors in a unique way

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CARTHAGE, Mo. — In tonight’s dose of good news.

On this day, Carthage High School seniors would traditionally “walk the halls” in honor of the end of their senior year.

The school decided to do something special for its seniors and celebrate them and their remaining time left.

It’s not an ending anybody anticipated. Your senior year comes to an end just like that and it’s on to the next chapter. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a meaningful finish to remember before turning the page

Matt Huntley, Carthage Principal, said, “I think sometimes we don’t realize like how much we miss each other and I don’t mean school wise, but we’ve been so isolated for so long–it just feels good to be out with your people again.”

Traditionally, Carthage seniors would “walk the halls” in honor of their time in school coming to a close. The tigers decided to do something special to still provide that closure and a moment worth remembering. The class of 2020 paraded in their cars with family as the sights of caps, gowns, signs, decorations filled the background as they passed by

Emily Berendt, Carthage Math Teacher, said, “This is so awesome. I feel like we may have started a new tradition hopefully. We miss having them in the classroom. They’re our kids essentially. We love them and this is such a special time that we get to celebrate with them.”

The one thing that put an unexpected end to their school year, ultimately found a means to bring them back together. It may not have been the traditional way, but it was a period full of smiles and pure happiness. A still joyous occasion to send off the class of 2020. And being back together again is something worth celebrating

“With no covid we don’t do something cool like this tonight and so, for that for that I’m thankful, you know, and this is what happens whenever you live in a great community of people with lots of ideas and you come together and figure out a way to make something work in a time when it seems like nothing works,” said Huntley.

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