Area streams seeing fewer visitors than normal on Labor Day

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PINEVILLE, Mo. — There have been plenty of changes to how many of us celebrate holidays this year, and Labor Day is no different. One thing has stayed the same though, travelers are opting to spend their holiday on the water.

An annual tradition is for many of us is to spend Labor Day on the water. However, this year the shores a looking a little more vacant.

Brian Worman, Holiday Traveler, said, “It’s a lot fewer people than I expected.”

Staff at Sugar Island Campgrounds say they are attributing the lower turnout this year to low water levels.

Steve Selby, Holiday Traveler, said, “Well, we haven’t had any rain so you can hardly wade out.”

But the low turnout isn’t a bad thing for those looking to stray away from larger crowds. Yessi Dominguez and her family traveled from Kansas City to enjoy a quieter afternoon.

Yessi Dominguez, Holiday Traveler, said, “We try to keep our distance as much as possible.”

Others are back at the campgrounds to show their little ones where they too celebrated the long weekend.

Cory Booth, Holiday Traveler, said, “I used to come here when I was a kid and bringing my kids here is kind of a family tradition.”

As the pandemic still looms, some wouldn’t want to spend their holiday anywhere else.

“One thing about COVID though, being outdoors like this feels safer, it’s a better environment than indoors for sure with a lot of people so, it’s one of the benefits of being outdoors,” said Worman

Local authorities add this weekend was relatively quiet, no calls came in for any issues on the water.

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