Area man with compromised immune system not taking any risks with covid-19

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — A national survey estimates seven million Americans have a compromised immune system – normally a challenging diagnosis, but even worse with coronavirus risks.

Mike Pence, Joplin Patient, said, “That would be very, very, very bad.”

And Mike Pence is a man who knows all about health risks.

He’s in remission for non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, had to get a new aortic valve, and then suffered weeks and weeks of pneumonia.

“My immune system was very inadequate, very low, very compromised.”

That makes him a high risk patient for the coronavirus.

“I’m a prime candidate to get the virus and die.”

So the 81 year old isn’t taking any risks.

That mask wearing, social distancing,

“We don’t leave the house very often at all – we stay self quarantined and wash our hands frequently.”

No trips to restaurants or the grocery store.

“When we go someplace like that we shop over the telephone and the computer they bring the groceries out and put them in the trunk.”

A big change for the retired business owner who was active in the community.

“You name it – that’s gone now – I miss that.”

He says he’s looking forward to getting back to normal in the future, and accepts that’s just not how life is right now.

“Been basically quarantined for four months.”

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