Alcohol sales spiking amid pandemic

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — The coronavirus pandemic has hit many industries hard in the U.S. in general and the Four States in particular.

According to data from Nielson, the sale of alcoholic beverages jumped over 50% in the week ending March 21st.

Hard liquor sales are up 75% from this time last year, beer sales are up 42%, and wine is up 66%.

LaNetta Lewis, Co-Owner, Jugz Liquor & Microbrew, said, “In good times, liquor sales are good, in rough times liquor sales are better.”

LanNetta Lewis says sales are up across the board with all types of liquor, and they deliver too.

“My favorite sales are the mom that calls and does the order to be delivered, cause she’s stressed, she’s never home schooled her kids before, now she just needs a bottle of wine.”

Owners here at Jugz say the sale of home brew equipment has also increased significantly.

Harold Tatum, Co-Owner, Jugz Liquor & Microbrew, said, “They have more time, before they always wanted to do it, previously their work go in the way or whatever, but now they’re home and have a lot of extra time to be able to get out and actually do something.”

Because of the pandemic, Mac-Adoodles has had to shut down their new product tasting area, and Debbie Blackmon says it’s shown in what customers are purchasing.

Debbie Blackmon, Wine Room Manager, Mac-Adoodles, said, “So there’s nothing new for them to taste so that they can be introduced to a new product so they go back to using what they’ve always been comfortable with, so um some of the newer items aren’t moving as fast, but the old reliable guys are still headed out the door.”

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