AirBNB hosts feeling the impact of covid-19

Joplin Area Coronavirus

FOUR STATE AREA — Travelers spent $117 billion on airBNB bookings last year – but those numbers may look very different this year.

Heather Van Otterloo, Joplin, said, “That’s one of the very first places we look when we travel.”

Heather Van Otterloo of Joplin is a big fan of AirBNB.

In fact, she says even with coronavirus concerns, she likes the idea of booking with individual owners.

“I feel like it would be a safer environment because I feel like they wouldn’t want to jeopardize that. And so I would feel a lot more comfortable going to an airBNB where I know an owner has you know taken and put care into getting it ready between guests.”

Owners like Jim Adams, who rents an apartment at the old Riverton Post Office.

His business has seen some big changes during the pandemic.

Jim Adams, AirBNB Owner, said, “It was almost remarkable because we probably had over two months time cancel nearly 40 reservations in March and April. But as restrictions started lifting, our May and June business has been remarkable.”

He points to changes like the booking Enhanced Cleaning protocol launched by AirBNB.

“We do have enhanced cleaning practices now – every surface, every surface gets disinfected and it’s gone over two or three times.”

Other owners may embrace the booking buffer, which creates a longer vacancy period between visitors.

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