Coronavirus may impact firework supply


PITTSBURG, Ks. — Your fourth of July celebration is going to be affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Sellers are saying expect to see a shortage in fireworks this year.

As Chinese firework companies fight to stop the spread of the illness, that means they are stopping production of fireworks as well.

The fourth of July is still four months away and while many people maybe looking forward to the big booms that come with the holiday.

The skies may not be as filled with sparkles as years past all thanks to the coronavirus.

With cities being quarantined in China to prevent spread of the illness, mass production of fireworks has come to a halt.

Jason Marietta, Retail Sales Director, Jake’s Fireworks, said, “The entire industry is being effected by it and I think you will see effects of it even more this 4th of July and even next year possibly.”

Jake’s Fireworks in Pittsburg does the majority of its business with sellers in China.

And right now, things are running behind schedule.

“We’re expecting more of a delayed shipment, where as normally in March and April we’re getting a lot of containers to get ready for our retail and our wholesale season.”

But this year, those products won’t get shipped out until May or June.

The firework company says none of their employees have visited the country since the outbreak.

And it’s doesn’t look like they will anytime soon.

“Now, not really the need to, because nothing is going on over there so it’s more of a wait and see approach as more things get open.”

However they have still frequently called their business partners to see when production will start again.

But the longer it’s pushed off, the more likely many people will see a shortage of fireworks this fourth of July.

‘Some items may be particularly hard to get this year than in year’s past. Because I think you’ll see some of the smaller kids items be a little more tougher to get because they’re a little more intricate.”

For Jake’s Fireworks, their warehouse is stocked to get them through the year, however smaller operations may not be so lucky.

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