Coronavirus causing shortage of wedding dresses


JOPLIN, Mo. — There are so many plans to be made before a couple walks down the aisle together, including picking out dresses.

But you might put a rush on that part of the planning phase.

As if there aren’t enough things on a bride-to-be’s mind, they also might have to contend with a byproduct of the coronavirus on the other side of the world.

Bride To Be, Customer, Rosa Bella, said, “Who would think about that when your a bride, you don’t really think it has any impact having the virus going on in China affecting your wedding in Kansas.”

Many of the factories where wedding dresses are made in China were shut down entirely for a time because of the threat of the virus to workers.

Jami Patterson says some are back up and running but it’s caused a bridal dress backlog.

Jami Patterson, Owner, Rosa Bella, said, “If it’s not in production it can take up to six months to get so yeah, anyone putting off waiting to the last minute, they need to speed up the process and get with it and start shopping for their dress for their fall weddings because everything is pushed back.”

But wedding dresses themselves aren’t the only ones that have been the coronavirus in China, so have bridesmaids dresses.

“Bridesmaid dresses are backed up as well, you know they don’t take as long to make as the bridal gowns but they they we’re seeing a delay like all of my companies that usually do rush cuts and quick ships you know those have all been you know aren’t available right now, so anyone waiting you know they need to go ahead and make some decisions.”

Prom dresses are also made in China, but they were already shipped to U.S. stores back in August, before problems with the virus started.

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