Cornerstone Bank in Southwest City donates $10,000 towards new fire truck


SOUTHWEST CITY, Mo. — The Cornerstone Bank in Southwest City supports its volunteer fire department with a generous donation.

Southwest City’s Volunteer Fire Department sent a fire truck in for repairs.

Shane Clark, Southwest City Fire Chief, said, “While they had it I was gonna have them go ahead and do a pump test, make sure everything was good on it. We had a gauge that was bad on the pump and anyway when they started into the pump to do the pump test, it all went down hill.”

Replacing the parts would have been more expensive than buying a new truck.

Firefighters needed $20,000 for the fire engine but could only afford half.

Fire Chief Shane Clark went to the City Council for help.

“They told me to go look at, to see what we can do for a low-interest loan so we started at Cornerstone.”

Larry Vancuren, President, The Cornerstone Bank, said, “Shane Clark came to me and explained to me that they had a truck that wasn’t working properly and had some major mechanical problems. I talked to Dr. Blankenship who is chairmen of the board here at the bank and I explained to him what the need in the community was.”

The Cornerstone Bank decided to give the fire department a $10,000 donation instead of a loan.

“He came down and was almost in tears with joy at receiving the donation,” said Vancuren.

“I thought they might donate part of it but I sure wasn’t expecting it all,” said Clark.

The new fire engine is a 1989 Pierce Lance fire truck.

“Fires don’t pick convenient times to happen so these guys get up and go all hours of the day and night and so it makes you feel when you can give them a better piece of equipment to do their job better,” said Vancuren.

“We got a lot of people that are just in it to help. Nobody is in it for the glory, nobody in it for anything else but to help the community,” said Clark.

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