Coolest Thing Made in Kansas


SOUTHEAST KANSAS — A product made by a Southeast Kansas company is in the running for a special honor.

Voting is now open for the 2020 version of the Coolest Thing Made in Kansas.

The event is put on by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce each year and features 16 different products that are in the running for that title.

Among them is the SawHaul carrier made by Chanute based company, Gear Haul.

Kenny Finley says he came up with the idea of a way to safely transport a chain saw on just about any kind of vehicle, after he accidentally drove over one that his wife bought for him.

Kenny Finley, SawHaul Inventor, C.E.O., said, “We’re selling a lot to fire departments for access to get up on a roofs with a chain saw already running, instead of trying to start a chain saw while it’s already up there, the danger in that, people out mending fences you know, ranchers, firewood people, you know, anybody who has a chain saw, has a need for this product.”

To vote for the SawHaul, follow the link below.[0]=AT3Wwylnq1LPb2hpuSJTEGrZ31S2lYqS0zINJfuGyjHBUpMIZyImAwWvDhEGu9ixD7fY0dQ8_Kp0N4Va8VJQglbd_ZV4BQPUGonH2u9RyC-Xckj1uuZW9vAdcGA7_z0X6bYWj162kvYv9jHiVO7GDqiFsTC_IgMJg7w4oas7_2nbeUPYpyzI_dIpsn8Ep3Lq

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