Convoy for Special Olympics at 4 State Trucks


Chrome Shop Mafia #GBATS returns 2020

(64804) — The concert and event is open to the public on the grounds of 4 State Trucks on Hwy 43. And the trucks roll out at 4:00 PM.

The normal Chrome Shop Mafia #GBATS show is now being held every other year. That was decided a few years ago. The event is getting so huge the focus was changed so it didn’t take over the shop! So it’s on!!! #GBATS 2020

The route for the convoy this year, since it is a different event, will go South through Newton County.

  • Begin at 4 State Trucks
  • Hwy 43 South to Seneca
  • Hwy 60 Roundabout
  • Hwy 43 North back to 4 State Trucks

Truckers in the convoy donated money to roll in the the convoy with a police escort. Truckers at the beginning of the convoy bid larger amounts of money to be towards the front. The earlier truck slots went for hundreds of dollars.

Thank you to the police escorts! Newton County Sheriff’s OfficeMissouri State Highway PatrolSeneca Police DepartmentJoplin Police Department (and others we might have missed).


CLICK here to visit the #GBATS 2020 site

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