Conversation About a Road Near Pittsburg and Frontenac Could Head to Court


The battle between cities over a road North of Pittsburg could head to court.
Frontenac and the City of Pittsburg have been at odds trying to figure out who’s responsible for maintenance and liabilities.

Now that conversation could continue in a court room.
Atkinson Avenue runs between the two cities and the City of Pittsburg recently improved the road.
City leaders from both towns were meeting, attempting to figure out how exactly to proceed.
Pittsburg President of the Commission, Dawn McNay addressed the issue at tonight’s meeting.
She says proper traffic and storm water studies were done.

“Pittsburg has a history in providing support to contractors and staff in Frontenac and other smaller neighboring communities without hesitation and without seeking Frontenac city council approval.”
She continues to say,
“Pittsburg staff took action to provide a safety improvement which included a portion of the improvement on the right of way in Frontenac because it was needed improvement to the families in the area.”

Dawn McNay President of Pittsburg City Comission

Residents living near the area also spoke in favor of the recent construction.
We reached out to Frontenac city leaders who said they couldn’t comment on legal proceedings.

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