Controversy spreads over flag flown at KU

Controversy over a flag flying on the KU campus is causing the university to take it down.

The flag was part of a 16-piece series on campus called "Pledge of Allegiance," a nationwide project started by the new york nonprofit Creative Time. The flag included two black shapes designed to look like the United States, representing a deeply polarized country. It also had a black and white sock to represent the current immigration controversy. 

Governor jeff colyer said he spoke with the KU chancellor and demanded it be taken down. The flag was removed late this afternoon. But people on campus had mixed reactions to it.

"I respect both sides of the argument, but I think that at the end of the day it's disrespectful to the country and is not appropriate for a university such as KU to do,” says Henry Killen.

"I've seen a couple of the other flags they've put up as part of this display and I think they are definitely thought provoking, but I think this, since it's the image of the American flag itself and its being flown in place of the American flag as we all know it, I think that's really the key point of this really controversy we're facing,” says Victoria Snitsar.

In a news release, KU chancellor Douglas Girod said the flag would be relocated to the Spencer Museum of Art saying quote "while we want to foster difficult dialogue, we cannot allow that dialogue to put our people or property in harm's way."

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