Connect2Culture granted extension and other developments at Joplin council tonight


Connect2Culture was granted an extension to raise the rest of the money for the new arts and entertainment complex, and an update on the capital improvement and public safety sales tax funds were presented tonight at the Joplin city council meeting.

After hearing a presentation about the progress of the Harry M. Cornell Arts and Entertainment Complex, council passed the ordinance to extend the time frame to raise the $14 million dollars until June first of next year. The oversight committee also presented a report on the capital improvement and public safety sales tax funds.

Everything is going according to plan, including the increase of salaries and staff for police and fire, but the report did show some things would not be completed. The Eastside Fire Station will not receive extra staffing, and there is no word as to when those positions will be implemented.

And there are still 199 street lights that need to be added for the neighborhood security light program. But, city officials were told by liberty electric that all street lights would need to be upgraded again with new led bulbs.

“Liberty is just trying to give us a better product, something that will last longer and I can understand not wanting to replace something right now and turn around and do it again, so I think it’s just reasonable,” says Gary Shaw, Joplin Mayor.

The street lights are currently using hid bulbs. There is no word as to when the city will start upgrading the lights with the new bulb requirements or how much it will cost.

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