Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler Talks Politics in Nevada

Congresswoman Hartzler in SWMO_72393885

U.S. Representative Vicky Hartzler met with constituents in Nevada today. She discussed the federal reaction to the Hurricane Harvey disaster and how FEMA experience in Missouri could help improve the response in Texas. Local voters also brought up public housing and whether tenants are smokers should factor into the rental agreement.

“When federal tax dollars are involved even in public housing that hose dollars are used wisely. and when you allow smoking in there, it’s going to degrade that facility and we’re going to have to spend more tax dollars to rehabilitate it. So I think it makes sense to encourage people in public housing to not smoke,” Hartzler says.

She also talked about the regulatory burden businesses face and what lawmakers are doing to try and creat a more business-friendly environment at the federal level.

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