Congressman talks impeachment process with Miami community


MIAMI, Okla.–The politics of impeachment — that was a big focus on Friday as an Oklahoma Congressman met with voters in Miami.

Congressman Markwayne Mullin talked a lot about the details of the proceedings. He says he’s not against calling out wrongdoing, but he sees this effort as more of a fishing expedition.

Ottawa Co. Voter: “Is this just a big smoke screen?” an Ottawa County voter asked Cogressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-R).

Mullin fielded questions from voters and laid out what he considers key points in the process, starting with the lack of a House vote to authorize impeachment.

“The only people who voted for it were Democrats,” Mullin explained. “They want to claim it’s about transparency, but when you really take a look at it and line up how we treated Nixon and how Clinton were treated. You can clearly see the differences.”

Mullin accuses Democrats of tilting the rules of impeachment against the President, as compared with past cases.

“This is the only case where a crime hasn’t been committed — they’re in search of one,” Mullin added. “So, it is absolutely one of the most important things that we’re seeing and unfortunately, it’s 100% politically-motivated.”

The Congressman believes political opponents want to get rid of President Trump regardless of what he’s done.

“They’ve been trying to impeach him since 2016,” Mullin explained. “We have recordings from members of Congress all the way back to right after the election, up to this point, saying, ‘The most important thing we have to do is impeach him.'”

Mullin adds, at the end of the day, it’s all about 2020.

“Congressman Al Green said it the best – he goes out and says, ‘I’m afraid if we don’t impeach him, he’ll get reelected.’ That sums up the whole process.”

A whistleblower first accused President Donald Trump of attempting to force Ukrainian leaders to dig up dirt on opponent Joe Biden back in September.

Mullin appeared in Miami – his first stop in an impeachment update tour of four counties. He’ll make further appearances next week in Muskogee, Chouteau, and Durant.

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