Conference provides Pittsburg area employers with tools to make future business decisions


Many of us decide what to wear the next day based upon the weather forecast the night before. It’s the same concept from a business standpoint for employers that attend the annual Pittsburg Regional Economic Outlook Conference.

When it comes to manufacturing, Jeremy Hill from Wichita State University says Kansas is bucking the trend.

“Manufacturing is really starting to pick back up in Kansas, but that’s a different story in the nation,” Hill explained. “The nation is actually starting to slow down, but you get more into that manufacturing and some of those skills and even some of chemical side that you have in this area, there are some better prospects here than in the nation.”

And, PSU’s Dr. Michael Davidsson says so is the local economy.

“The second-biggest industry with almost 2,600 jobs, so manufacturing is the anchor of economic growth and economic stability in the Pittsburg metropolitan area,” said Davidsson.

And, Josh Lowe with the Pittsburg Chamber says the city’s is in the process of providing a place for employees of existing and future new businesses.

In the next three years, there will be a total of 250 new housing units built in the Pittsburg area with all price ranges.

“We are always seeking developers to come to Pittsburg,” explained Pittsburg Director of Community Development and Housing Quintin Holmes. “We have plenty of opportunities here on all levels of housing and affordability, so if there are developers that want to come to here, we have spots.”

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