Concealed Carry Class


With both Kansas and Missouri allowing concealed firearms carrying without a permit, many people may wonder why going through the permitting process is still important.

Jeremy Ward, owner of Warden Tactical, says having a concealed carry permit offers several benefits. First, he says permits from Kansas and Missouri are recognized by several other states. Without a permit, you are not allowed to carry a concealed firearm across state lines. Along with that, Ward says having a permit gives you training for how to carry safely, and sends a message to the rest of the community.

“And that’s one thing that we really need to show as law abiding citizens, that we want to take the responsibility to be the role models for those in the community that want to purchase firearms or may be interested in the future,” Ward says.

“You have to go through a certain amount of training to drive a car, a certain amount of training to, you know, get a job. Why not have that training to protect yourself? To understand, you know, what’s it’s going to take if you’re in that situation,” says Joplin Centerfire range officer and instructor Cory Adkins.

For more information on concealed carry courses, you can visit the web sites for Warden Tactical and Joplin Centerfire.

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