Computer Science Education Week


Governor Mike Parson declares next week as Computer Science Education Week in the Show Me State, and local school districts say that may very well be the key to the future for your kids.

Administrators in the Monett School District say kids start working with computers as young as kindergarten. While not all lessons are tech based, laptops and tablets are used to supplement what’s taught in the class, and allow kids to maintain constant communication with their teachers. And while colleges, workplaces and even the governor are recognizing the need for more tech education, it’s students that can be the driving force behind going digital.

“If it increases their engagement, and teaches them how to responsibly use the technology, by the time they get out of here they’re going to be better prepared for the real world,” says David Williams, Principal, Monett High School.

Governor Parson says last year there were roughly 10 thousand computer science jobs left unfilled in Missouri. School administrators say the lessons kids are learning in schools like Monett can go a long way towards helping address that shortage.

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