A new program is hoping to help local students avoid an educational slump often called the summer slide.

It points to a decline in academic skills that can happen while out of school in June, July and August. To fight that, Debra and David Humphreys of Joplin have created the Compass Academy Network. It hosts a three week program for 6th through 9th graders to help keep current with school skills.

“Solidify their understanding so they’re not coming in to the fall behind. But also to build some of those essential skills, taking time to do their planner, what are the best ways of note taking based on their learning style.”

Shauna Tharp, Compass Program Director

There is no cost for the academy, which runs from July 15th to August 2nd at Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School. Students with 100% attendance will get a $45 Walmart gift card for school supplies.

To apply, follow this link: