Students at Coffeyville’s Community Elementary get a head start on their future. The kids got a chance to explore several careers today, and see how what they’re learning in class now could help them.

The kids got a chance to talk to EMT’s, police officers and helicopter pilots among others. And while they’ve still got some time to make a final choice, some of the kids say today gave them some ideas for what they want to do after high school, and what they have to do to get there.

“Career on Wheels is an event that allows our students to go around to different vehicles and learn about their profession,” says Chelsey Martin.

For the second year in a row, Coffeyville’s Community Elementary hosted professionals from several fields, showing the kids what they do.

“Because maybe we could, like, do this for a living if we like them,” says Jaryiah Brown.

Fifth grader Jaryiah Brown says she’s already got a plan for the future…

“I want to be a professional basketball player,” says Brown.

But now that she’s had a chance to meet these EMT’s, she’s got a backup plan.

“Because I like to help people, and it would be fun to help them,” says Brown.

Third grader Adlyn Heflin says the ambulance was also one of her favorite stops, and could be something she decides she wants to do in the future because of her past.

“I’ve had lots of experience with doctors. My brother was born with special needs, and I just don’t like it when people are hurt or sick,” says Adlyn Heflin.

School counselor Chelsey Martin says while that’s certainly part of the idea behind career on wheels, they’re also trying to give the kids an incentive to work hard in class.

“We’re encouraging them to realize that math and science and reading and all of those things that we’re working on in our classrooms are going to play a part and be a part of these careers,” says Chelsey Martin.

But kids will be kids, and sometimes things are just cool, like meeting the SWAT team…..

“It just looks really cool, and there’s free WiFi in there,” says Jaryiah Brown.

“I think the best part was seeing the helicopter land. It was very cool,” says Adlyn Heflin.

But the kids know the path to get there starts back inside the building.

“If you study hard in class, you can go to a good college to get a good degree to be one of these people,” says Jaryiah Brown.

Martin says they’re already working on next year’s Career on Wheels, and promises it will be even bigger.