Community comes together to pay for signs and a swing set after tornado damage


GOODMAN, Mo – The city of Goodman was able to get some upgrades and it’s all thanks to the community.

After a tornado went through the city in 2017 and took out the community building along with its signs, members of Goodman decided to step up and pay for new signs for the building.

Along with the signs, the Goodman betterment club donated $5,000 to add a swing set next to the current playground by the community center.

“We were talking and discussing it in a council meeting and community members just volunteered right on the spot, ‘Hey, I’ll pay this much, I’ll pay this much, I’ll donate a hundred,’ and we got the money right on the spot to build a new sign.” Says J.R. Fisher, Goodman Mayor.

Mayor Fisher adds that he hopes for the signs and swing set to be set up within the next couple weeks.

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