Communities around the area are changing their recommendations to battle COVID


CRAWFORD COUNTY, KS – COVID-19 case numbers continue to grow at a rapid rate across the country.

As a result, many communities are starting to change their recommendations to battle the virus, once again.

“Nobody wants to wear a mask, it’s not fun, it sucks, you can’t talk, you can’t breathe, you’re hot but it’s a small price to pay to keep people out of the hospital.” Says Heather Horton, TOAST Co-Owner.

Right now, healthcare workers are seeing COVID-19 cases continue to rise due to the Delta Variant.

The big issue is its ability to spread more easily, sometimes finding a way to transmit through vaccinated individuals.

“While this new spike that we’re seeing in the region is largely affecting the unvaccinated, we still have 10% to 20% breakthrough rate in the vaccine, and they’re still able if they’re infected to transmit.” Says Dr. Timothy Stebbins, Crawford County Health Officer.

Healthcare officials now suggest the return of wearing masks for indoor settings, regardless of vaccination status.

“The challenges in the mixed setting where you don’t know the risk of the groups that you’re in, in that setting, masking is recommended for everyone.” Dr. Stebbins says.

Some businesses across the area have even started to slowly enact the recommendations.

Places like TOAST in Pittsburg require their employees to wear masks.

“We’ve gone back to wearing masks. For us, I mean obviously it’s our number one priority to keep our employees safe, but also our patrons, so if our employees are sick, we can’t be open.” Horton says.

“We have a personal responsibility in beating this virus, either through vaccination, or if you are opposed to vaccination, through appropriate mitigations so we can stop the spread of COVID-19.” Dr. Stebbins says.

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