Common mistakes which can cause mail-in ballots to be rejected


JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — The U.S. Election Assistance Commission Found that 33 million voters cast ballots by-mail in the 2016 presidential election. And more than 318,000 of those votes ended up being rejected.

Charlie Davis, Jasper County Clerk, said, “We want to make sure everybody who’s eligible to vote has the opportunity to vote.”

While voting by mail allows voters to safely fill out their ballots in the comfort of their homes, it can often results in more errors, leading to a large portion getting rejected.

“I don’t like to disqualify anybody but the statute dictates how we have to do that.”

Jasper County Clerk Charlie Davis says one of the most common mistakes is forgetting to sign the ballot envelope.

“We verify that signature that’s on the envelope that it is the actual voter who’s voting so that way there’s no voter fraud or tampering with ballots going on and if you forget to sign the ballot envelope then it actually gets rejected.”

9 states require voters be notified when there is a signature discrepancy on their absentee of mail-in ballot — but Missouri is one of the other 41 states without that requirement.

“If you’re absentee voting because of covid issues, if you meet the criteria 65 or older, or have health issues then you have the ability to vote absentee because of that reason, and it not required to be notorized.”

Another issue: Getting the ballot notarized.

“If you request a mail-in ballot, not an absentee ballot but a mail-in ballot, those mail-in ballots all must be notarized.”

Davis adds, make sure it’s on time.

“A thing that’s very important, if it’s a mail-in ballot it must be mailed in. Those mail in ballots are not allowed to be dropped off at our office or dropped of at the polls.”

The deadline to request your ballot in Missouri is October 21st.

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