Commerce Middle School’s technology students are working to make their classroom more interactive for students.

The school’s tech class is building CO2 powered dragsters. CO2 dragsters are cars students designed aerodynamically after performing sketches and research. Then they replicate those designs onto wood to drill axle holes for cut out cars. Stebbins believes students participating in projects like this helps prepare them for their future.

“They may need to use it when they have a house, they may get a job where they use it everyday or we use the Chromebooks and they may have a desk job and that way they know how to use the desktop apps and they may go into something with graphics,” says Melissa Stebbins, Commerce Middle School Tech/STEM Teacher.

Tomorrow, the students will be racing their dragster cars and are hoping the community comes out to support them. The free event will be held in the middle school’s gymnasium at 6 in the evening.