Commerce man finds new purpose after devastating accident


Since a car accident left a Commerce man paralyzed from the waist down, he found himself struggling to find a new purpose. 

Jowie Berger regained his life in the gymm. And now he’s helping others with disabilities do the same.

Just two lifting buddies at the gym add something different to their workout: wheels. Both in wheel chairs, Jowie Berger helps ten year old Kaden build back his strength while he lives with spina bifida

Kaden: “I wanna be stronger.” 

Amber Biddle, Kaden’s Mother: “He’s not able to run and play like the other kiddos on the playground, but the mindset is that he gets to come to the gym and he gets to work out. So that’s something special that he’s able to do.”

Berger trains Kaden free of charge, knowing how difficult it can be to adjust.

Jowie Berger, Trainer, House of Steel: “I was nervous, I was afraid I was going to drop weights on myself. But after the first time working out and stuff it kind of just became natrual.”

Now a professional weight lifter, Berger wants to help others with disabilites.

Jowie Berger, Trainer, House of Steel: “I want to show them, hey, we don’t let this stop us. We will do anything, we always can do anything. We’re just on wheels.”

And that upper body strength builds mental toughness as well.

Amber Biddle, Kaden’s Mother: “We’ve already been through two surgeries just in 2017, and just being able to get out of the doctors office and all the medical experiences, being able to release all that tension that he has from having to experience all of that has been a great change for him.”

And side by side, they’ve got the “wheel power” to keep up the hard work.

Berger and Kaden met when Kaden won a flexing competition for a House of Steel fundraiser. The two now train weekly.

Any child looking to improve their strength and health can receive a free gym membership and trainer at the House of Steel in Commerce.

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