Columbus schools are making sure that their students have school supplies this year


COLUMBUS, KS – A Southeast Kansas school district is doing its best to make sure students are ready for the school year.

The Columbus Unified School District wants all their students to succeed.

Families have plenty of options to pick up school supplies so students get what they need for the upcoming school year.

With school starting back up soon, many parents and kids are doing their back-to-school shopping.

But some students have a tough time getting what they need to start the new year.

“Every year you just have a handful that need them, but our community has been really great. We have a lot of organizations that donate to us. We have a lot of businesses, then just our community members in general, they all make sure our kids have what they need.” Says Kelly Walters, Columbus Unified School District 493 Title One Director.

The district also has a plan in place for its younger students, saving parents a trip to the cash register.

“K through 3rd, the parents pay a seventeen dollar fee this year, and all the supplies is provided. So parents don’t have to worry about going to Walmart and spending a lot of money, or Target or one one of those places.” Says Brian Smith, Columbus Unified School District 493 Superintendent.

Along with helping in school supplies, Columbus schools also help students in getting fresh clothes to walk into their classroom.

“And here in Columbus we actually have our Titan Kids, or Titan closet, and we can pretty well provide kids anything they need from coats to school supplies to shoes sometimes.” Smith says.

And for the older students, Walters says not to worry because teachers are always prepared.

“As a teacher I just always has some of the school supplies in my closet already, and when a kid showed up on that first day of school, if they came without any of the supplies, we just kind of get them what they need.” Walters says.

Walters adds if they need to, many teachers will even take out of their own pocket to start the school year.

She says, many times, they don’t find out a student needs help with back-to-school supplies until the first day of school.

So, parents shouldn’t hesitate to ask them for help because that’s what they’re there for.

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