Columbus HS Applies for Redesign Program


Administrators in the Columbus school district say they are looking to change how they teach to help build a better community.

Superintendent Dr. Brian Smith says the district is applying to be part of a redesign program through the state department of education known as “Apollo.” He tells us the idea is to adjust how they are teaching kids to make sure the education they are providing helps produce kids that are ready for the next phase of life. Smith says that could include something like entering the work force or going to vocational school, but will also include college bound students.

“We’re going to have to look at, especially with our seniors, giving them more responsibility, because what we’re seeing, students aren’t failing in college because of their academic skills,” Dr. Smith says. “They’re failing in college because of self regulation skills, they’re not able to get themselves up in the morning and go to class, or they’re missing classes and they’re getting behind, and those kinds of problems.”

Dr. Smith says they all officially file the application next week, and hope to hear back on it within the next few weeks.

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