College Students Compete Against Each Other For A Grand Prize


College students prepare their finest talents for a grand prize.

KSN’s Joie Bettenhausen joins us live in the newsroom.
Joie, what were Missouri Southern students competing for?

Eight talented Lions performed in front of their peers for a share of seven hundred dollars.
And many knew exactly what they would do with the money if the won.

“Guitar and I’ll be singing.” Lucas Anderson, MSSU Student

“Playing guitar.” says Justin Collins, MSSU Student

“It’s mostly hip hop dance. Yeah.” says Ricardo Ramirez, MSSU Student

“I sing a little bit and play guitar and he does too.” says Josh Webb & Trevor Shanks, MSSU Students

Joie Bettenhausen
Missouri Southern State University held its Annual MOSO Talent Show.
Eight contestants sang, played guitar, rapped, and performed dance routines among their fellow classmates.
And many say, their performances held a special meaning to them.

“This piece, well like I said Jay Park is one of my favorite artists and so I really like all his songs so and like just chose the song because it’s the best song I could dance to.” adds Ramirez

“It’s actually very personal to me. Hopefully I won’t lose it up on stage, but it’s about a friend of mine that took his own life two years ago and it’s basically how I cope with life is through music, so I decided to share it with everybody and hope we can all have a good moment.” adds Anderson

“We just really like playing and we thought we’d try to get some exposure. You know just play for students out here and of course try to win the prize money so.” adds Webb & Shanks

“I’m playing an original song called the “Test of Time.” It’s really just a cheesy love song. That’s all I really write, but at the same time it really helps me cope with depression and everything like that.” adds Collins

Contestants were up for a share of seven hundred dollars in prizes.
And if they won, they knew exactly what they would do with the money.

“I need to fix my car. Um to be completely honest I just need to put some money in my car and actually get it up and running so do that and probably just save the rest of it wherever I can.” continues Collins

“Well we’ll obviously split it between the two of us and I think probably use it toward more guitar stuff, more instraments and stuff. Just upgrade our gear. Maybe take my girlfriend on a date. I don’t know.” continues Webb & Shanks

“To be honest I’ll probably just save it.” continues Ramirez

“Probably save. I’ve got a wedding coming up, so it’s going to be useful … very useful.” continues Anderson

The talent show participants were all excited to either perform for the first time or come back ready to win this year.

But, they all were excited to share the stage with each other and be able to perform.

Thanks Joie.

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