College students can soon access two projects, making it easier to get a degree


MISSOURI – Missouri college students will soon be able to tap into not just one but two projects designed to make it easier to get a degree. It’s extra state funding for some students to make it easier to get that diploma.

Governor Mike Parson signed the School Turnaround Act earlier this month. The measure makes a number of changes, including reimbursing tuition and fees for students taking dual credit courses who are eligible for the A Plus program. That could boost enrollment for schools like Crowder College, where they predict a growing interest in the funding.

“I think the big ramp up with the A Plus funds for dual credit, we’ll probably see with the Fall 2020.”

Dr. Glenn Coltharp, Crowder President

State Representative Cody Smith of Carthage points out the state budget doesn’t yet have dedicated funding for the reimbursements. He says any payments would have to come from extra money in the A Plus budget.

Smith adds that funds will likely be earmarked for the 2021 budget, strengthening the program.

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