College student has served as mayor of his town for the past six years


Imagine being a college student while also holding office as mayor.

Well, that is the reality for Taylor Gravett who has been serving as the mayor of Weir since he was 20 years old. Mayor Gravett says he’s always had an interest in politics. He was elected to serve on Weir’s City Council when he was still a high school student. Now at 26 years old, Mayor Gravett says what has pushed him along this far is being able to make a change in the area that has made him who he is today.

“So, I’m always of the mentality of leaving something better than you found it. Because this is my home, this is my families home and it’s been home to so many people for so long, that if i have good ideas I think l can make it better, why not? And I think that’s what kept me here. And I hope that in the future there will be people behind me that continue that mentality,” says Taylor Gravett, Mayor of Weir.

Some of Mayor Gravett’s bigger accomplishments in office have been the establishment of their new library getting the town to be debt free by 2020. With Mayor Gravett’s term being up this december, he says he doesn’t plan running for re-election. He plans to take some time off, but adds he could get involved in politics again in the future.

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