College Heights senior working as producer and session musician in Nashville


JOPLIN, Mo. — Imagine how cool it would be if your own music — that you created — was on the radio or in a music video. That could happen to a high school student from Joplin.

It doesn’t take long to figure out that College Heights Senior Josh Allen has a lot of musical talent. He already knows how to play several instruments, and he’s been putting that talent of playing, writing, and recording music in an American music Mecca.

Josh Allen, College Heights Senior, said, “For me it’s just always been you know, the trips back and forth to whatever artist I’ve been working with and those have been the highlight of my junior and senior year.”

Right now, Allen goes to Nashville on the weekends, but when he graduates, he’ll work there full time.

He’s been a studio musician and producer on a part time basis for the past two years. But after graduation, he’ll live and work in Nashville full time.

“Actually with a trip to Nashville with one of my old bosses, his name is Brandon Dorris but he connected me with Jack Johns, he’s a producer out of Nashville, kind of with that, a lot of the connections I now have were made, so Caleb Duke is an artist in a band called 5West and then they’re supposed to do some stuff with Netflix and that kind of opened up a huge door for production for me.”

And he’s already worked with some well known artists.

“So Lanie Gardner is actually an artist signed by the Jonas Brothers label and obviously they came back and they’re huge, they’re awesome, and um, so that was like mind blowing to me, I was like “Oh my gosh, Lanie Gardner,” it’s like yes, absolutely I’d like to hop on this project.”

And he’s recorded some of his own work.

“I love people saying hey, I listened to your song and it really helped me through this, that’s like the greatest feeling.”

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