Community leaders say they’re continuing to meet with residents about a proposed Tyson facility in Coffeyville.

“The overall economic impact this company could have on our community,” says Trisha Purdon.

That’s just one of the questions Montgomery County Action Council executive director Trisha Purdon is working to answer when it comes to the possibility of a new Tyson facility coming to Coffeyville. The selection process has been underway for several months already, but Purdon says that’s not a bad thing.

“So far, it’s been a blessing to allow this longer period of time to learn more about this industry,” says Purdon.

One thing it’s allowed for is time to address concerns. Recently this sign was put up on the edge of the city. And Purdon says those are the people they’re looking forward to meeting with the most.

“Anyone who’s interested, or has questions or concerns, bring those questions up so that we can have a great dialogue about what those questions are, learn more, if we can address them,” says Trisha Purdon.

In the meantime, Purdon says she’s continuing to speak with Tyson representatives.

“I’m in regular conversations with them to see about how we might be a good fit, but like I said, we’re early on in the dating process, I like to say,” says Purdon.

Because while they’ve learned quite a bit already….

“We have a lot to learn still,” says Purdon.

Purdon says over the next several weeks, meetings will be scheduled around Montgomery County to answer questions about the proposed Tyson facility. Those meetings will cover a variety of topics, including natural resources, water supply and waste management.