Coffeyville Community College starts up eSports program


A local school is starting up a new competitive team, but the players won’t be on a field or on a court.

This room may not look impressive right now, but it will soon be home to Coffeyville Community College’s new eSports program.

“So eSports is kind of up and coming in a way. It’s competitive video games. So you have a team and you compete against a team  within a set video game,” says Peter-Allen Ruel, future CCC eSports player.

ESports is a fast growing billion dollar industry at the pro level that colleges across the country are trying out on their campuses.

“First of all it’s new to us. New to the area. There’s a lot of demand for this. It’s a new generation of kids coming up and just another way to get them into college,” says Gary Tucker, CCC head eSports coach.

The team will compete in different multiplayer games.

“I’m a ‘Rocket League’ player,” says Trace Smith, future CCC eSports player.

“I actually play ‘Rocket League,’ yeah. I play it with Trace actually,” says Aidan Brumley, CCC eSports player.

“Actually what happened is I had a friend playing this game ‘League of Legends.’ And he was saying it’s kind of a pain to get into, but you should join,” says Peter-Allen Ruel.

Coach Tucker hopes this program can bring the school some recognition and so far there are 13 students signed up.

“Andi get calls and emails about every day,” says Gary Tucker.

The team will face other schools around the U.S., practice roughly three hours a day in a new gaming lab, and have scholarship opportunities.

“We offer tuition, loans, and books here,” says Tucker.

Practice and competitions won’t start till next semester, and these players can’t wait to get started.

“So I’m really excited  about that, because I like working with new people. I go to a lot of camps because I really like the new camaraderie,” says Trace Smith.
“It feels like really good, almost like. This is like a new generation I’d say cause like normally, you would never look at video games and say ‘I’m gonna play that competitively,’” says Aidan Brumley.

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