Coffeyville artist paints murals as part of revitalization project


One Coffeyville resident is putting his artistic skills to good use for a new project for the city.

Michael De Rosa has been teaching at the Coffeyville Community College for about 25 years and was honored to take part in the city’s Reawakening Initiative. The plan is to give the town a new look, starting by filling empty spaces with large scale murals. De Rosa has started to paint a mural with the phrase “Our Past Fuels Our Future” on the building at the corner of 8th and Elm. He hopes the project represents that creativity can thrive even in small towns.

“The people that are from this area definitely know me, and they know as established and being from here now, from being here for 25 years. And I think it’s really a neat process where they can see that just because you’re from a small town doesn’t mean you can’t do something grandiose.” says Michael De Rosa, Artist.

So far, De Rosa has used about 70 gallons of paint to create one of the largest murals in Coffeyville. And when he’s not painting murals, De Rosa also spends his time carving figures out of wood with a chainsaw. 

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