Coal Miner’s Reunion held at Big Brutus


WEST MINERAL, Kan. — Over in West Mineral old co-workers gathered to help Big Brutus.

The fairgrounds were site to the annual “Coal Miner’s Reunion.”

Several in attendance had worked on Big Brutus while it was still operating in mine 19 before it went out of service in 1974.

Some had even started working with parent company Pittsburg and Midway Coal Mining Company, as early as the 19-forties and fifties.

Jimmie Lovell, Board Chairman, says, “Coal miners were a different type of people, we’re close, we’ve all worked together, it’s like a family and we cherish that and we try to carry it on as we go through life.”

Carmen Boccia, Former Electrician On Big Brutus, says, “It was great, never got tired of watching it dig, Jim and I worked together for 25 years didn’t we, never had an argument.”

The reunion featured a commemorative photo and donation to help repaint Big Brutus, for the first time since 1984.

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