Cloud computing utilization increasing


JOPLIN, Mo. — Americans are increasingly using cloud based services, trading services based on a single laptop for access-anywhere options.

John Motazedi, SNC Squared, said, “Many of us are already using cloud computing.”

Think social media or your email account. You use the service in one location – but the company hosts it elsewhere.

“I’ll build these servers, put them in somewhere, and then everyone can pay to use them, or in some aspects, use them for free. That solves a lot of problems with software distribution and patching and updating and all the typical things you used to do when you had the software sitting in your office.”

Cloud computing means you can access the service anywhere.

“If I have internet connection, I can use it which is great. But opposite to that is since it is available anywhere – it can also be hacked maybe perhaps easily.”
It could lower your price tag.

“You’re not buying massive quantities of servers and expensive hardware. On the opposite side of that, there’s a monthly fee associated with that that you might be paying forever.”

There can be unlimited scalability as well as outside IT support. But technical issues can be more complex.

“Sometimes those can take a lot of your time to sit around and work through those issues bc you don’t know if it s your problem or their problem.”

Experts suggest reading all the fine print before signing on to a new cloud system as well as factoring in all costs for ongoing services.

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