Classic NEO statue is revamped with help of former employees


A long-standing symbol of the NEO A&M College campus has a fresh look. 

The 40-year-old Odin statue that stands tall in the middle of the campus has been refurbished. 

Odin has been a symbol of hope for many students, staff, and community members.

The man who designed the statue, Nick Calcagno, has passed away, but his wife, Carol Calcagno was present Saturday.  

She hopes the statue can provide an everlasting memory for all those who walk by it. 

Carol Calcagno, a former teacher and student of NEO A&M College, says, “To think that it will last another 40 or 50 years or maybe even longer if they keep restoring on it. It’s absolutely wonderful, and like I said earlier it should be the magnificent Odin now.” 

Dr. Jeff Hale, NEO A&M College President says, “I think as the current president and for future presdients if this piece of art can continue to be as meaningful and as substantial for the next 40 years as it was for the first 40 years, then I think we are going to all be very proud of what happened here today.” 

Former employees of NEO chose to restore the Odin statue at a cost of a little less than $15,000. 

The group will also endow a scholarship for $10,000 to give to NEO students on their behalf. 

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