CJPD releases its statistics for number of impounded animals in 2018


The Carl Junction Police Department has released its statistics on the number of animals they impounded in 2018.

In 2018 the Carl Junction Police Department impounded more than one hundred and sixty animals around town. One hundred and sixteen of those were dogs. This past year eighty nine of those dogs were returned to their owners.

“Normally we have a very high return rate. It’s usually at least fifty five, sixty percent return rate on dogs that we take in,” says David Wehmeyer, Carl Junction Animal Control Officer.

That’s nearly a seventy six percent success rate. However the department took in forty five cats, but none of their owners claimed them.

“We just seem to have more people that call in about dogs than what they do about cats,” says David Wehmeyer.

However finding your pet can be made easier if residents take a few precautions like having pets wear collars with information on it, keeping your animal more secure, or microchipping.

“I’d like to encourage people to microchip their pets, including their cats. Whether it’s here, at the vet. Anywhere. Just microchip,” says Alexis Prado, Manager at Golden Paw Rescue.

“We do have a scanner here and any animals that come in we scan them to see if they do have a microchip. And as long as the owner has their right information listed, with the chip, then we can get in touch with them and get their pets back to them,” says Wehmeyer.

Carl Junction residents missing their pets are urged to call the police department at 417-649-7070 to see if their pet has been found.

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