CJFD gets new rescue boat thanks to donation


CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — Effective response time in a disastrous situation can come down to a single second and having the right equipment plays an integral part in that.

Local first responders are adding a new resource to continue saving lives.

Andrew Jiles, Water Rescue Team, Carl Junction Fire Department, said, “There’s so many unknowns. You cant see below the water you dont know what’s there.”

Controlling fires can be tough, but performing water rescues can be even more difficult.

“We can put water on the fire and put the fire out but as far as for water rescues there’s nothing we can control.”

Since 2013, Carl Junction Fire Department’s Water Rescue Team had 55 calls for service.

Gunnar Wixon, Director of Information Technology, CFI Trucking, said, “With all the recent flooding and tornadoes we’ve had.We wanted to be able to find a way to help protect our employees that live in those surrounding areas and also protect those first responders.”

Carl Junction received a new Inmar Rescue Boat to help with disaster response made possible through a $100,000 donation from CFI Trucking.

“It’s just, it’s a huge tool for us to train on and be able to go to these places that we weren’t able to get to before that we were having to rely on somebody else maybe to get there,” said Jiles.

The department’s previous rescue boat was purchase back in the late 1960’s.

Jiles says this new equipment will be critical to safe and successful emergency operations.

“Obviously in our world it’s an emergency situation so time is definitely a factor and to be able to get to the people that are in our district quicker is our ultimate goal.”

They’ve responded once with the new boat but thankfully have not had to put it in the water yet.

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