CJ fire chief asks residents avoid setting off fireworks in tornado area



4th of July fireworks are a tradition for so many people, but fire officials are asking residents of one community to avoid shooting them off.

Even with all the rain we’ve had recently, Carl Junction Fire Chief Joe Perkins is asking for restraint when it comes to setting them off in areas hit by the May 22nd tornado. He says debris piles, especially with tree limbs, are dry enough that they could quickly become fire hazards.

“On top of which just being able to to get out there and maybe causing some more trauma to folks that have already had a pretty rough year to begin you know just causing undo stress to these folks is is not what we’re, what we’re trying to avoid.”

Joe Perkins, Carl Junction Fire Chief

He says even the sound of sirens from emergency vehicles in a neighborhood already battered by that tornado can trigger anxiety.

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