CJ FFA students work to keep Four States Farm Show running smoothly

Students with the Carl Junction FFA are hoping three days of working in the great outdoors will pay off in a big way later this year. The kids are helping keep chaos at bay at the Four State Farm Show.

They're helping everyone coming to farm show to get in and out of the gates in an orderly fashion. The money they make from helping park cars at the event will benefit them later on this year. But it's also giving them a chance to practice skills they learned in the classroom.

"I've been sending them all the way up to the front to get in the blank spaces and just different places like that,” says Evelyn Gilbreath, a member of the Carl Junction FFA.

Sophomore Evelyn Gilbreath is a veteran of helping park cars at the Four State Farm Show.

"It's a lot of communication, a lot of keeping everybody up to date, like on pages and stuff, and there's a lot of cars that don't like to listen very well,” says Evelyn Gilbreath.

Senior Emilee Robertson is a three year veteran of car parking, and says the biggest challenge isn't the heat they'll see this weekend....

"The hardest part is trying to get them to pay attention to us and actually like come to where we want them on our side instead of going to the other side and parking wherever they want,” says Emilee Robertson.

But the kids say despite the challenges, it's worth it because of what this will mean for the chapter. The money officially goes to the Carl Junction FFA Alumni Association who will use that money for scholarships later this year.

"They give out four scholarships in memory of some of our late FFA members and FFA supporters and alumni,” says Kelli Nolting, Carl Junction FFA Advisor.

But that's not the only benefit of working the farm show. Nolting says the kids will practice leadership and organizational skills to get the job done. And junior Sarah Russel says it'll give them a chance to bond.

"A lot of us are already pretty close because we've been through FFA together, but the incoming kids that haven't been in FFA it's good because we build teamwork, and, you know, you're working together so you're gaining trust in each other."

By the end of the weekend the kids will be hot and tired, and ready to take it easy for a few days. But Evelyn says despite that, it's worth it.

"Because I love my FFA family. I'll do anything for them,” says Evelyn Gilbreath.

Carl Junction FFA students have been helping park cars at the Four State Farm Show for nearly three decades. They'll be out there through the end of the show Sunday.

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