City of Neosho addresses water pipe issues


“Once the leak was repaired, some of the fluctuations of opening valves and closing those valves caused an already damaged line that was unknown to rupture,” says Neosho Public Works Director Nate Siler.

From repairing a fire hydrant on Tuesday to fixing a leak on Thursday morning, then repairing a transmission line that created a loss of water pressure to much of the city — the Neosho Public Works department had three 24-hour shifts last week. 

“It’s kind of a misconception that people feel we are putting band-aids on mains,”says Neosho Public Works Director Nate Siler.

While Public Works Director Nate Siler says these specific issues were not the cause of the old age of the water pipes, their life span is coming to an end, and the city is working to figure out a plan to replace and maintain them. 

“Case iron, older mains like that have a life span of 80 to 100 years, unlike PVC for the majority of the time they claim to have 200 years.”

And water loss in the city has steadily climbed the past 5 years, with 2019 looking to be its highest yet; but Siler says fluctuation is normal, and residents will not have higher water bills because of this. 

“It does fluctuate. It depends on the usage being done out in the system, but there’s lots of variables. It doesn’t affect their bill whatsoever. The only thing that affects their bill is what comes through their meter, and we read those once a month. Our water loss numbers does not affect.”

As for the water pressure loss last week, siler says it has returned to normal and operations are back to the way they were.

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