The suit was filed in Jasper County Court. That includes breach of contract and fraud against the Joplin Blasters Organization and personally suing Gabe, Oscar and Shawn Suarez. Because the matter is now in litigation, no one from the city will comment.
The suit alleged a total of nine separate counts, totaling in excess of $12,000,000. The city has taken possession of the stadium and all the equipment inside.
Joplin Parks and Recreation Director Paul Bloomberg says his department is getting ready to take over maintanence of the field at Joe Becker Stadium.
“Just like any other year, we’re going to go in there, mow, weed eat, and clean up the flower beds. Because the stadium is done for the season, we basically winterize it now. We’ll go in there and blow out the lines and water and clean every thing up. That way, everything’s good to go when we open up next year,” explained Joplin Parks and Recreation Director Paul Bloomberg.
And even though the Blasters are gone, Joplin Sports Authority Director Craig Hull says there will be baseball at Joe Becker next year, one way or another.
“We have got current customers who have reached out to us, who have said ‘hey, if the opportunity presents itself, and that ballpark is available, we would be interested in scheduling either additional tournaments to what they already have scheduled here in Joplin, or looking for growth or expansion of our current events.’ That stadium sells itself — it’s a very nice attractive ballpark and obviously, the city made an investment in the ballpark and there are people out there interested in utilizing it,” explained Craig Hull of Joplin Sports Authority.
We contacted Team General Manager and C.E.O. Gabe Suarez for comment, but he said to call the team’s phone number. However, it has been disconnected. A motions hearing on the case is scheduled for October 13th in Jasper County Court.