City of Joplin moves money around to keep four finance funds out of the negative


Four city finance funds are moving close to the negatives, and the city is having to compensate for the financial disparities. 

These include the revolving Public Improvement Fund, Golf Course Fund, Airport Fund, and Liability Insurance Fund.

To help keep all of these from losing money, the city has approved to move money from other city funds into these.

While this isn’t ideal, the Joplin finance director says it’s due to not raising various fees after the tornado.

“Prior to the tornado, we were reviewing fees every two years. But, the tornado hit and we had to take care of cleaning up the community and taking care of our citizens. And unfortunately we weren’t really able to review fees and concentrate on fees for three or four years, so those are the years we got behind,” says Joplin Finance Director Leslie Haase.

Money is being taken from the General Fund and Workers Compensation Fund among others. A city fund has never gone into the negatives in Joplin history.

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