City of Jay works to bring more jobs to town


The city of Jay is working to bring more jobs to town.

The City of Jay’s Economic Development Committee recently purchased about 40 acres between Jay and Grove to expand the existing industrial park. Jay is a federal opportunity zone which has certain tax incentives to make future businesses easier to open in the area.

“A lot of people that want to get great wages sometime have to travel a distance and wouldn’t it be great if we were able to move a business to this area that could complement an area in Grove or Northwest Arkansas,” says Becki Farley, Jay Chamber of Commerce President.

Now city leaders are working to get services out to the area so any new development can be constructed quicker and easier. 

“That  piece of land will need roads, it’ll need electric, sewer, water, those type of things that’s the infrastructure that we need to get there so it’s ready when someone wants to build a building or have a building in that facility,” says Becki Farley.

Farley says they ran out of land in the park, so in order to create jobs they had to create space for new developments… for many in the community they are looking forward to new growth.

“Without economic growth you cannot have a great school, police force, ambulance force,” says Johnnie Earp, Chairman of NORA.

Harp serves on the Northeast Oklahoma Regional Alliance which works to find solutions to problems facing the region.

“I deal with the public and hear hey we need more jobs we need a better school we need better home in the area,” says Johnnie Earp.

Anyone interested in sharing what they would like to see in the industrial park should call the Jay Chamber of Commerce at 918-253-8698.

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